Saturday, January 29, 2011

My Krishna....!!!!!!!!!

Lord Krishna—

Ø      The naughty young boy,
Ø      The mischievous adolescent,
Ø      The lover,
Ø      The flute-player,
Ø      The fighter,
Ø      The playboy,
Ø      The desired one……

—many things can be said of this Hindu deity.

But to me Lord Krishna~

 Nothing is really mine except Krishna
I have searched the world
And found nothing worthy in front of HIS love...
Hence I am a stranger amidst my kinfolk
And an exile from their company,
Since I seek the companionship of this holy man;
There alone do I feel happy,
In the world I only weep…
I will sing the praises of Hari…
In the company of the pieties,
Nothing else concerns me…
Mira's Lord is my courteous Giridhara…!!!!

Lord Krishna is India's peerless avatar.
Lord Krishna is the matchless hero who held the fate of the emperors in the palm of his hand but himself never desired a throne. The great hero who was born in a prison and died in solitude in a forest. He is the eighth and maybe the most important incarnation of Vishnu.
 Because of this, Krishna is popularly worshipped and held beloved to his Hindu followers.  He gave the world the Bhagavad- Gita. He is the architect of Dharma who lives forever in the hearts of the people of India and the whole world.
 Krishna could possibly be one of the best-known Hindu deities in the world. His nature encompasses human desires and ambitions as well as shortcoming. He is the most humanlike deity there is, showing all the aspects of development usually associated with childhood, adolescence, and adulthood--this gives him such a likeable stature as a deity of the people.

He was depicted in paintings in all stages of his life. As a child, Krishna used to steal butter and play tricks of this sort, so is painted and sculpted doing these things but was still seen as having an innocent and boyish quality and is painted as such.
 His depictions portray him in either black or dark blue skin unlike most of the other deities. Lord Krishna is known as “The Destructor of Evil or “The Dark One.” His whole life was chronicled mostly throughout the Bhagavad-Gita Gita and also the Mahabharata and the Bhagavad Purana so many stories are known of him.
My Krishna is not black,
He is pure gold…
He Himself is woven into the universal Beauty, Light and Splendor.
He looks dark because I have spilled the ink of my mind on Him.
Otherwise, my Beloved is All-Light.
He created Light and Darkness,
He is within and without the Vast Heavens….
With this knowledge, I will have a new acquaintance
With the world at large……

Krishna is almost always seen with Radha on his side. Even when there are other girls present in a painting, Radha is always next to him as she was his favorite.

 Krishna was also a skilled musician and is often seen in paintings playing a flute “at the sound of which nature pauses to listen, storms are calmed, rivers flow calmly and maidens are roused”.
The three names of this Supreme Lord (Hari, Krishna and Rama) may be explained in the following way:
    • ‘Hari’ means ‘He who unties [harati] the knot of material desire in the hearts   of the living entities’;
    • ‘Krishna’ is divided into two syllables ‘Krish’ and ‘na’. ‘Krish’ means ‘He who  attracts the minds of all living entities’, and ‘na’ means ‘the supreme transcendental pleasure’. These two syllables combine to become the name ‘Krishna’;
    • ‘Rama’ means ‘He who delights [ramayati] all living entities’, and it also means ‘He who is full of transcendental bliss’.
The maha-mantra consists of the repetition of these names of the Supreme Lord.” In this way, Krishna’s names represent His character and qualities, which, in this case, means the greatest and all attractive transcendental pleasure...
Wats up...????

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