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Thiruppavai - Pasuram7

keesu keesu enRu engum aanaich chaaththaan kalandhu
pEsina pEchcharavam kEttilaiyO pEy(p) peNNE
kaasum piRappum kalakalappa(k) kai pErththu
vaasa naRum kuzhal aaychchiyar maththinaal
Osai paduththa thayiraravam kEttilaiyO
naayaga(p) peN piLLaay naaraayaNan moorththi
kEsavanai(p) paadavum nee kEtta kidaththiyO
dhEsamudaiyaay thiRavElOr embaavaay

கீசுகீ சென்றெங்கும் ஆனைச்சாத் தன்கலந்து
பேசின பேச்சரவம் கேட்டிலையோ? பேய்ப்பெண்ணே!
காசும் பிறப்பும் கலகலப்பக் கைபேர்த்து
வாச நறுங்குழல் ஆய்ச்சியர் மத்தினால்
ஓசை படுத்தத் தயிரரவம் கேட்டிலையோ?
நாயகப் பெண்பிள்ளாய்! நாராயணன் மூர்த்தி
கேசவனைப் பாடவும்நீ கேட்டே கிடத்தியோ?
தேசமுடையாய்! திறவேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்

---- MEANING ----

Oh pEy peNNE (deluded girl)! don't you hear the noise raised by the Aanai Saatthan birds BharadhvAja Birds ( Sanskrit) or Valiyans(Tamizh)? Doesn't your sleep get affected by the Keesu-Keesu sabdham (avyaktha madhura sallAbham) of these busy birds outside your sleeping chambers? The dawn is advancing. There are signs of the world awakening all around you. Don't you hear the sound made by the busy churning of the curd by the other gopis with symmetric movement of their churning rods? The body movement (exertions) of these beautiful gopis sends out fragrances from their flower-adorned locks of hair and their bangles and collide against each other and result in a rhythmic musical sound (mangaLa naadham). Don't you hear that auspicious jingling sound?
Oh crown gem among gopis! How can you be so indifferent and sleep away even after hearing us singing the nAmams of our Lord Kesavan, who destroyed the demon Kesi appearing in disguise as a horse? Please awaken and get up! Oh Luminous one! Come and open the door so that we could sing together about the mahimai of our Lord with you.

You dumb girl (pEy peNNE!), the 'aanai chaaththan' birds are humming (keesu) together (kalandhu), everywhere (engum). Don't you hear (kEttilaiyO) the sound (aravam) of these birds talking (pEchchu)? The cow girls (aaychchiyar) with fragrance (naRum) spreading (vaasa) from their hair (kuzhal), wearing garlands of gold coins (kaasum piRappum), are skimming the yogurt (thayir) using a skimming gadget (maththu), with their ornaments making (paduththa) a jingling (kala kala) sound (Osai), tiring (pErththu) their hands (kai). Don't you hear (kEttilaiyO) the sound (aravam)? Hey leader (naayaga) of the girls (peN piLLaay)! while we are singing (paadavum) the praise of the Lord Narayana Murthy and Kesavan, you are still sleeping (kidaththiyO) while listening (kEttE). Glamourous (dhEsam) as you are (udaiyaay), open (thiRa) the door.


You, deluded girl! Don't you hear the screeching chatter of the king-crows? And the sound of the cowherd women wearing fragrant flowers in their locks of hair churning the curd in the urns, using both their hands, with their bracelets and other ornaments clashing against one another and producing that jingling sound? Oh, prominent damsel! How can you keep on sleeping even after you have heard our singing of our Lord Naarayana (who is also called Kesava for having slain the demon Kesi in his incarnation as Sri Krishna)? Dear girl of radiant presence! Come on open the door!

More Insight

In this stanza, from the two addresses in vocative case PEY PENNE and NAYAKA PPENPILLAY which are diametrically opposite in meaning, we are to understand that they are said out of love and affection for the sleeping girl. Whatever may be the apparent contradiction, the inner feeling is most important while moving with Sri Vaishnava vas.

Having woken up a handful of girls Andal could have proceeded on to Krishna. Why go to EVERY house? If one is a Sri Vaishnava he should think of the welfare of ALL- not just a few. Not even a single girl should lose the golden opportunity of getting the grace of Sri Krishna. A man's relationship with Sriman Narayana is true only if he rejoices at the good luck of another man as if it were his own son's. If he fails to feel that way he is no Sri Vaishnava.

ALKONDAVILLY JEEYAR, a sincere pupil of SRI RAMANUJA once met in Srirangam NANJEEYAR, the disciple of PARASARA BHATTAR. The former exclaimed," O Jeeyar! Really I have not developed a taste for Bhagavad Vishaya (i.e., God)." Nanjeeyar was amazed and asked "How is this possible? You are the faithful student of Sri Ramanuja, serving him assiduously - still you say this?" The former said," If a man has real taste for Bhagavan he must enjoy the sweet company of His devotee. If not he is no Sri Vaishnava. Have we developed that pleasurable attitude towards Sri Vaishnavas? Hence I say so."

Unless the meeting, mingling and deriving supreme satisfaction and happiness in the company of Bhagavatas are secured here in this world (which is the intensive training ground for our life in Sri Vaikuntha),the Moksha will not be delectable. NAMMAZHWAR says at the end of Tiruvaymozhi, ADIYAARODU IRUNDAMAI. He aspired not for the mere union of the Lord but for the same in the company of His devotees, which alone would make it delectable.


Keesu Keesu yenRu: Haven’t you heard their sweet dialog, yengum pEsina pEccharavam kEttilayO?:(Oh PrapannA! You will realize all your wishes as a result of your performing prapatthi and the Lord responding with the blessing “May you perform all Kaimkaryams for us in all places and times --- pEy peNNE!: Oh Maiden, who is deeply lost in Bhagavathanubhavam and as a result look like a deluded one!

Vaasa NaRum Kuzhal Aacchiyar: VyAsar and other AchAryAs who have researched on the fragrant tresses like Upanishads, which contain inside them the Sarvaghandhan, Sriman NaarAyaNan

They raise hands matthinAl osai- after churning with intellect paduttha thayir : the curd (annam) like BhOgya NaarAyaNan aravam kEttilayO?: declare that Sriman NaarAyaNan is Para DEvathai.

Oh pEy peNNE! Haven’t you heard that loud declaration?-- Naayaka peNN piLLAi: Oh smart one, who understands fully the Para dEvathA aspect of our Lord and thereby have become the leader of our ghOshti NaarAyaNan Moorthy Kesavanaip paadavum: when they sing that NaarAyaNan is the One, who created BrahmA and Sivan.
nee kEtte kidatthiyO?: even after hearing that powerful message, how can you stay without performing SaraNAgathi at Sriman NaarAyaNan's sacred feet?

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