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Thiruppavai - Pasuram11

katru(k) kaRavai(k) kaNangaL pala kaRandhu
setraar thiRalazhiya(ch) chenRu seru(ch) cheyyum
kutram onRilaadha kOvalartham poRkodiyE
putru aravu alkul punamayilE pOdharaay
sutraththu thOzhimaar ellaarum vandhu nin
mutram pugundhu mugil vaNNan pEr paada
sitraadhE pEsaadhE selva peNdaatti nee
etrukku uRangum poruLElOr embaavaay

கற்றுக் கறவைக் கணங்கள் பலகறந்து,
செற்றார் திறலழியச் சென்று செருச்செய்யும்
குற்றமொன் றில்லாத கோவலர்தம் பொற்கொடியே!
புற்றர வல்குல் புனமயிலே! போதராய்,
சுற்றத்துத் தோழிமார் எல்லாரும் வந்துநின்
முற்றம் புகுந்து முகில்வண்ணன் பேர்பாட,
சிற்றாதே பேசாதே செல்லப்பெண் டாட்டிநீ
எற்றுக் குறங்கும் பொருளேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்.

----- MEANING ----

In this paasuram, a Gopi known for her extraordinary beauty (Golden creeper/ PoRRk Kodi) and distinguished lineage is being awakened. Her relatives are known well for the way in which they discharge the duties of the Aayar Kulam.

Oh Golden Creeper of a girl (the scion among the maidens of this group)! You are a jewel among the cowherds, who are: (1) master craftsmen in the milking of ever so many groups of young milch cows (at a stretch) (2) skillful in warfare, namely, very much able to go against and destroy their (strong) opponents and routing their strength and (3) thoroughly blemishless! Oh Charming peacock-like (beautiful) damsel with the hips resembling the hood of a cobra!

You come and join our fold. When we--Your kinswomen and friends have come and entered the open front yard of Your house, and when we are singing (in chorus) the names of the Lord of dark cloud-like hue, what are you fast asleep for, without even moving or giving response, Oh rich and young girl ?

You prosperous (selva) girl (pEN)!, You are beautiful like a golden (pOn) creeper (kodi), among the flawless (kutram onRillaadha) caretakers of cows(kOvalar), who are capable of destroying (azhiya) the strength (thiRal) of the enemies (setraar) by going (senRu) to war (cheru cheyyum), who in their childhood have milked (kaRandhu) many (pala) youthful (katru) herds (kaNangaL) of cows (kaRavai)! You who has a waist (alkul) like that of a cobra (aravu) in his nest (putru)! You who are free like a forest (puna) peacock (mayil)! Come out (pOdharaay)!. while we, all (ellaarum) your relatives (sutram) and friends (thOzhi) have come (vandhu), entered (pugundhu) your (nin) living room (mutram) and are singing (paada) the names (pEr) of the Lord, who is dark like the color (vaNNan) of clouds (mugil); you are sleeping (uRangu) without even moving a bit (sitraadhE), ignoring (pEsaadhE) us. For what (etrukku = edhukku) purpose (poruL) are you sleeping (uRangu) so?


Oh, beautiful damsel, the pride of the guileless cowherd community! Our menfolk are justly famed for their energy for milking ever so many milch cows at a stretch and for their valor in going all out to destroy powerful foes. You charming peacock-like darling with your waist resembling the hood of the snake! Is it proper for you to lie motionless and without response to so many of us, your relations and friends who have gathered in the court-yard of your house, when we sing the praise of our Lord Naarayana in chorus?

More Insight

In this pasuram a gopi reputed for her exquisite beauty like a golden creeper (POR KODI) and born of a very noble family, is being woken up. Her father and kinsmen are known for discharging the duties pertaining to their cowherd caste, which entails milking an endless number of cows. So Andal seems to say that performance of one's duty as enjoined in the Scriptures is calculated to bring happiness to the Lord and thereby falls into the category of His Service. One should hence never discard one's duty.

SETTAR TIRALAZHIYA is noteworthy. SETTAR means enemies. Who are the enemies meant here? Not those who despise them but those who want to harm Sri Krishna. For a Sri Vaishnava there is no direct enemy; he will not mind or may even welcome (as it will take away his sin) someone trying to harm him. But he considers him his enemy who intends harm to the Lord.

SUTTATTU THOZHIMAR - the girl-companions of this gopi who are they? They are those who even after performing all kinds of services to the Lord, do not expect anything in return except His Supreme Satisfaction and Happiness. Praharshayishyami sanatha jeevitah"-I’ll make my life worthwhile by pleasing Him- says Sri ALAVANDAR.


Having drunk the milk of Jn~Anam from Upanishads, smruthi, IthihAsa PurANams independent of their size or complexity and Having won over naasthikars and aasthika abhimAnis in saastrEic debates

Oh Sathsishyan, who has been blessed with sadAchAryan, with mastery over the blemishless VedAs!. Oh sathsishyan, who dances like a happy peacock (that has seen the rainy clouds) while singing the many naamAs of our Lord!

pOdharAi: May Thou be engaged in this aanandha anubhavam! --- SuRRathtu ThOzhimAr: The aadhivAhikars, who display yellAm vanthu freindship to You, the Prapannan have come now.

ninn muRRam puhunthu: They have entered the front gates of Your (of the one, who has cast aside the gross body and entered into the subtle body/sookshma sarIram) house.--- Muhil VaNNan pEr paada: They are reciting the Lord's names and are ready to lead you to His supreme abode at the final stages of your journey via archirAdhi maargam, like BhaagavathAs reciting manthrams into your ear.

siRRAthE: You should cast away any concerns about committing sins consciously or otherwise. -- pEsAthE: You should speak of nothing except Bhagavan naamAs. nee selavap pendAtti: You become thus the one appreciated by BhagavAn Himself. -- uRangum poruL yeRRukku?: You have no more vinais to worry about? Why then this sleep rooted in fear and brahmam (delusion)?

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