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Thriuppavai - Pasuram20

muppaththu moovar amararkku mun senRu
kappam thavirkkum kaliyE thuyil ezhaay
seppam udaiyaay thiRal udaiyaay setraarkku
veppam kodukkum vimalaa thuyil ezhaay
seppenna men mulai(ch) chevvaay(ch) chiRu marungul
nappinnai nangaay thiruvE thuyil ezhaay
ukkamum thattoLiyum thandhu un maNaaLanai
ippOdhE emmai neeraattElOr embaavaay
முப்பத்து மூவர் அமரர்க்கு முன்சென்று
கப்பம் தவிர்க்கும் கலியே! துயிலெழாய்;
செப்பம் உடையாய்! திறலுடையாய்! செற்றார்க்கு
வெப்பம் கொடுக்கும் விமலா! துயிலெழாய்;
செப்பன்ன மென்முலை செவ்வாய் சிறுமருங்குல்
நப்பின்னை நங்காய்! திருவே! துயிலெழாய்;
உக்கமும் தட்டொளியும் தந்துஉன் மணாளனை
இப்போதே எம்மை நீராட்டேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்.

---- MEANING ----

Paasuram is the final one awakening Nappinnai. Lord is also awakened here along with Nappinnai this way: Upanishad BhAshyakArar's Sanskrit translation to 3 rd 4th lines = “aasritha vishayE aarjava-saalin! sathru-jana bhaya dhAyin! svaccha svabhAva! Jaagruhi!” . His translation to 5th, 6th lines =“sampuDa sadhrusa virahAsaha maardhava-yuktha kucha sONAdhara-sookshma-madhyamE! NeeLE! Samatha guna poorNE! hE SrI:! thvam Jaagruhi!”

Oh Valiant Lord, who removes the tremblings of the thirty three (crores of) gods, by going to battles (on their behalf) and by being in front of them (in such battles)! Kindly awaken from sleep. Oh Lord, who cares about our protection, and is fully equipped with enormous strength and valour! Oh Lord, blemishless and pure, and the One who defeats with vigor Your enemies! Kindly awaken. Oh the great Lady Nappinnai, possessing a charming physique --with a jar-shaped soft bosom, enchanting rosy lips and slim waist! Oh the embodiment of Goddess Lakshmi! Be pleased to rise up. May You give us a fan, a mirror and Your Lord as well, and at this time itself, may You help us to take our (ceremonial) bath.

Oh the heroic one (kaliyE), who goes to (mun senRu) the thirty (muppaththu) three (moover) devas (amarar) and removes (thavirkkum) their fears (kappam), please wake (thuyil) up (ezhaay)! Oh perfect (seppam) one (udaiyaay)! Oh omni-potent (thiRal) one (udaiyaay)! Oh, the Lord (vimalaa) who burns up (veppam kodukkum) the enemies (setraar)! Please wake (thuyil) up (ezhaay)! Oh beautiful (thiruvE) consort (nappinai) lady (nangaay), with red (chev) lips (vaay) and slender (siRu) waist (marungul) with soft (men) breasts (mulai) like a perfect vessal (seppenna), please wake (thuyil) up (ezhaay)! Please bring (thandhu) a fan (ukkam) and a mirror (thattoLi) and wake your (un) husban (maNaaLan) up right now (ippOdhE), so that he can cleanse (neeraata) us (emmai).


Oh Lord, You who always rushes to the aid of all the thirty three crores of Gods! Do wake up! You, the perfect union of thought, word and deed! You who have the matchless valour to subjugate your foes! Blemishless Lord, you make life miserable for those who challenge your might. Please get up!

(To Nappinnai): Oh, the incarnate of Goddess Lakshmi! You with your exquisite beauty, soft and lovely breasts, coral lips and slender waist! Please wake up and give us the fan and the mirror which we need for the rites! And get our Lord to join us! Help us to get bathed at once!

More Insight

Despite the rebuke, NAPPINNAI was moved to pity by the wailing of the Gopis and getting up approached the door to open it. Krishna thought," Nappinnai thinks that my devotees are her own just as I consider hers to be mine. Hence she should not open the door and get a good name, leaving me out. It is I who should open it." So He came from behind and lifting her up bodily threw her on the bed with Him.But the mutual touch was so pleasant to them that they promptly forgot all about themselves and the poor Gopis.

The inner meaning of this high drama, as given by the commentator is that there is a Divine Couple who are vying with each other to look after the welfare of all of us (souls).Hence we have no cause for concern at all. All we have to do is to accept their protection.

Andal says to Sri Krishna in this stanza: "You have on several occasions in the past dispelled fear from the minds of the Devas and rescued them from the Asuras. Now by delaying in granting our boon you are going to lose all that hard-earned reputation as a saviour. Note also that we are not asking you to become the target of the weapons of a Hiranya or a Ravana.We merely want to see you get up from your bed and grant us the boon of serving you.We are ANANYA PRAYOJANA ADHIKARIs.


Muppatthu Moovar: The 33 = 8 Vasus, 11 RudhrAs, the 12 AdhithyAs and the 2 Asvini dEvAs .
Munn senRU: Oh KrishNA! You should protect us even before harm comes our way, just as You do for the Muppatthu Moovar. Kappam tavirkkum KaliyE!: Oh Proud and valorous Lord, who stops the tremblings of the dEvAs, who fear their enemies.
SeppamudayAi: this salutation recognizes the kalyANa guNam of Aarjavam (nErmai) of the
Lord, the Sathya-parAkramasaali. ThiRaludayAi: the Saamarthyam and competence of the Lord as SarvalOka Rakshakan is being celebrated here.
seRRArkku veppam kodukkum VimalA: BhagavAn has equanimity towards alll, but when it comes to the enemies of the BhAgavathAs, He destroys latter.
Sepenna Menmulaic chevvAic chiRu marungal Nappinnai nangAi: This Paasuram paasage
salutes the samudhAya anga soundharyam of Nappinnai PirAtti. ThiruvE: Nappinnai is addressed as MahA Lakshmi avathAram here. Actually She has involvement in PurushakAra kruthyam (the act of intercession with her Lord to protect the Jeevan) just as BhUmi and Sri Devi. That is why the AchAryAs say: “Samastha JananIm VandhE”.
TattoLi is mirror, as part of the ShOdasOpachAram for the Lord. Even today in Srirangam, the mirror is made of bronze and is shown to Lord daily wishing Him Subha Mangalam.
unn MaNALanai ippOthE yemmai neerAttu: Please help perform our vratham related ceremonial bath through Your dear husband, who is Sarva karma SamArAdhyan.

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