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Thiruppavai - Pasuram22

am kaN maa NYaalaththu arasar abimaana
pangamaay vandhu nin paLLi(k) kattiR keezhE
sangam iruppaar pOl vandhu thalaippeydhOm
kingiNi vaay(ch) cheydha thaamarai(p) poo(p) pOlE
sengaN chiRu(ch) chiRidhE emmEl vizhiyaavO
thingaLum aadhiththanum ezhundhaaR pOl
am kaN irandum kondu engaL mEl nOkkudhiyEl
engaL mEl saabam izhindhElOr embaavaay

அங்கண் மாஞாலத் தரசர் அபிமான
பங்கமாய் வந்துநின் பள்ளிக்கட் டிற்கீழே
சங்கமிருப் பார்போல் வந்துதலைப் பெய்தோம்;
கிங்கிணி வாய்ச் செய்த தாமரைப் பூப்போலே,
செங்கண் சிறுச்சிறிதே எம்மேல் விழியாவோ?
திங்களும் ஆதித்தியனும் எழுந்தாற் போல்,
அங்கணி ரண்டும் கொண்டு எங்கள்மேல் நோக்குதியேல்
எங்கள்மேல் சாபம் இழிந்தேலோ ரெம்பாவாய்.

----- MEANING -----

The Young girls pray to the Lord in the strain of defeated kings surrendering to the emperor, who is the Supreme Sovereign) Oh Lord! We have come to You just as the kings of the vast beautiful Earth, who stay contented in large groups at the foot of Your cot (throne) after renouncing their haughtiness and self-esteem. Oh Lord! Will You not look at us, with Your gentle and exquisite eyes, resembling the half-blossomed lotus similar to a small kinkiNi (jewel-like little bells) opening little by little (gradually)? If You direct Your glance at us, with Your pair of beautiful eyes that resemble the rising Sun and the Moon, we will be freed from the curse of sins (past, present and future).

Just like (pOl) the kings (arasar) of this (kaN) beautiful (am) big (maa) world (NYaalam), who came (vandhu) and gathered (sangam iruppaar) under (keezhE) your (nin) sleeping (paLLi) bed (kattil), after relinquising (pangam) their prestige (abimaanan), we have come (vandhu) and approached (eythOm) near you (thalaippu). Please open your sweet sounding (kingiNi) mouth (vaay cheydha) like (pOlE) the lotus (thaamarai) flower (poo). Will you please look (vizhiyaavO) at us (emmEl) through those beautiful (sen) eyes (kaN) a little (siRidhE) bit (siRu). If you look (nOkku) at us with (kondu) those (am) two (irandum) eyes (kaN), which are like (pOl) the moon (thingaL) and the sun (aadhiththan) rising (ezhundhaal), you will releive (izhindhu) us (engaL mEl) from death (saa, saabam).


Oh Lord! We have sought refuge at your feet in just the same way as rulers from all over the world, shorn of their pride, gather under your throne, seeking your patronage. Won't you favour us with just a glance with your gentle eyes resembling partially opened lotus buds like kinkinis (bells which adorn the dancer's feet)? If only you cast a glance at us, with your eyes shining like the sun and the moon, all our sins will be wiped out.

More Insight

Sri Krishna enquires with the Gopis the reason for their visit; and they reply:
O Lord! Even though you know very well that we have approached you as refugees, having no one else to give us protection, you have not condescended to cast your nectarine glances on us. We are born of a family (of Azhwars) whose constant prayer is for your Grace and that you should talk to them by moving your coral-like lips. We, like vanquished arrogant kings, have cast aside our ego and assembled under your bedstead in search of refuge. Our sole ambition is to be the target of your merciful eyes. Your enquiry regarding the purpose of our visit appears to be a new practice in your relations with us. Know that we, who should be always united with you, are today pining in separation. This situation, which appears to be due to some curse, can be modified only by your nectarine glance. It is only for this cool look that we have come to you and not for any other favor. So open your eyes slowly and steadily look at us."

This is the very pathetic but gentle and sweet prayer of ANDAL to Sri Krishna which would melt even an adamantine heart.

NOTE: Each limb of the Almighty is capable of nullifying the evil effect of a curse as can be seen in these cases:

1. HIS FEET - Ahalya's curse by her husband

2. HIS KNEES- Nala Kubara and Manigriva, sons of Kubera transformed into joined trees.

3. HIS THIGHS - Madhu and Kaitabha who were crushed to death by them

4. HIS CHEST - Durvasa's curse on Indra, removed by Sridevi who resides in His bosom

5. Now HIS EYES -curse of separation in the case of ANDAL


-mahAmaNdalAdhipathaya: nirasthAbhimAnA:santhO sangIbhUya thvadhIya manja --- adhasthAna pradEsE yatho Upavisanthi tathA thvadhguNa vivasA bhUthvA aagathya --- aasrithA:sma --(just as the great kings casting aside their ego have arrived at the foot of Your cot, we are also standing overcome by Your guNAdhisayam and have sought Your protection)”. KinkiNi Vaai seytha thAmari-- “dhara-vikasitha puNDarIka sadhrusa raktha nayanAbhyAm mandham mandham asmAn aalOkaya” (with Your slowly opening red lotus like eyes, please look at us / bless us).

ThinkaLum --saapam azhinthu: “udhitha Chandra Soorya sadhrusAbhyAm athisundara nayanAbhyAm asmAn pasyasi chEth asmadhIyAni pApAni nasyanthi” (If You look at us with Your Sun and Moon like, most beautiful eyes, all our sins will be destroyed. abhimAna BhangamAi Vanthu = There are 8 kinds of delusions that a human beings have that interferes with their Tatthva Jn~Anam: the Delutions (1) one's SarIram is AathmA (2) one is a svathanthran (3) we are servants to some one other than the Lord. (4) there are bhandhus other than Sriman NaarAyaNan to help us. (5) one can attain purushArtham (mOksham) by seeking UpAyams other than Bhakthi & Prapatthi. (6) deep desire to wallow in perishable pleasures. (7)we do everything by our own power. (8) the tendency to commit apachAram to BhaagavathAs. The release from these eight delusions means that one is Bhaagavatha Seshan (the servant of the devotees of the Lord).

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